Our Story

With our corporate office in Hudson, New Hampshire, Savant HCM joined the ranks of an Evolution Licensee in December 2016.  We chose Evolution based on its flexibility to customize the platform to suit our client's needs.  It was not the "one size fits all" approach we had experienced before.  The ability to offer a suite of services proved invaluable given that a majority of our clients have very unique needs.

We have experienced significant growth in the past year, increasing our check count 200% + YOY, and we anticipate growing four-fold or more by the end of 2018.  Our approach to growth has been agressive yet measured - we have a queue in place but do not want to over-promise and under-deliver.  We want to ensure success for all of our clients.

We have established strong relationships with several vendors whose specialties include tax credits, pay cards and scheduling compliance to name a few.  Based on this versatile foundation, we have had significant success in the franchise space.

Jim MacKay, who is a Partner at Savant, says, "Our franchisees range from McDonalds to Neurosurgeons, we can customize a service to fit all our clients' needs, from burgers to brain surgeons."